A Guide to SQL (MindTap Course List), 10th Edition


English | 2021 | 338 pages | True PDF | 22.15 MB

Master today’s SQL programming principles and learn how to most effectively apply your SQL skills with Shellman/Afyouni/Pratt/Last’s A GUIDE TO SQL, Tenth Edition. This edition’s leading approach combines straightforward instruction and extensive hands-on exercises with a strong foundation and emphasis on today’s actual business applications. This edition introduces basic SQL commands in the context of an intriguing, ongoing case in which a business uses SQL to manage orders, items, customers and sales reps. This edition emphasizes how to apply fundamental principles and strengthen your programming practices, regardless of the database environment. You work with examples from the latest versions of MySQL, the world’s most popular open source, free database, as well as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, MindTap digital learning solution is available to help you strengthen your SQL skills.


Download : -A_Guide_to_SQL_MindTap_Course_List_docutr.com.pdf