A Kingdom of Ruin



“A Kingdom of Ruin” is a modern masterpiece, a powerful novel that can be read on its own. This novel is written by K.F. Breene. She is a true storyteller, and A Kingdom of Ruin is her best book. It’s an epic tale of family, secrets, loss, marriage, betrayal, friendships, laughter, and regrets. A Kingdom of Ruin is a heartfelt novel written with compassion and hope, reconciling the past to pave a road to happiness and second chances. The characters in this novel bring life and heart to this story, each with a distinct voice and personality. They made reader love them, they made reader sad, they made reader angry, they made reader laugh, they made reader cry, and they made reader believe in the promise of love and home. It is an extraordinary piece of work, a perfect balancing act with terror on one side and love on the other.


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