A Place of Reckoning: (Detective Tom Blake Book 2)


A deadly secret. A dark obsession. A terrifying killer.

Annabelle Lancaster appears to have everything – health, beauty and a rich and powerful tycoon for a husband.

But she fears someone has been following her.

When she suddenly disappears, her husband Charles is convinced violent Irish gangster, Patrick Dunne has taken her. Patrick promised to avenge his son who died in a tragic accident in one of Charles’ factories. It’s an open and shut case…

…until the body of a woman turns up in a remote Peak District pool: her back tattooed with a cryptic Tarot card.

As Detective Inspector Tom Blake and FBI profiler Lucy Stryker dig into the brutal murder, they uncover long-buried secrets about a historic conspiracy linked to Annabelle’s abduction.

Someone’s harbouring a deadly grudge, strong enough to kill more innocent people, and Blake and Stryker must unmask a murderer before they strike again.

But with Annabelle’s estranged stepchildren unwilling to aid the investigation, and her blind daughter under serious threat, it’s not just her life that hangs in the balance: will anyone get out alive?

In a shocking final twist: will those with the darkest secrets face their… Place of Reckoning?

Set across the gritty industrial five towns of Stoke on Trent and hauntingly beautiful Staffordshire Moorland Peaks, this British detective novel is a breathtaking murder mystery that will keep you hooked until the final shocking twist.

Perfect for fans of J.D. Kirk, J.M. Dalgliesh, Angela Marsons, Simon McCleave and Mel Sherratt.


Tom Blake is a forty-seven-year-old widowed detective inspector. His wife and ten-year-old son were tragically killed in a fatal hit and run car crash ten years ago. He was driving at the time, and his daughter Isabel was also in the car but miraculously escaped with minor cuts and bruises. He still suffers from emotional flashbacks and neck pain. His team never caught the joyrider who killed them, but he vows to bring the perpetrator to justice one day.

Lucy Stryker is a forty-five-year-old ex FBI profiler who works for UK police forces. In her illustrious career, she’s helped to bring some of Americas deadliest serial killers to justice.


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