All About History Book Of Jack The Ripper – 3rd Edition – 2022



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Overview: For ten weeks during the Autumn of 1888, London’s East End was gripped by the terror of history’s most notorious serial killer. Despite public outcry, the culprit was never caught, and the mystery of Jack the Ripper continues to fascinate amateur sleuths and crime enthusiasts well over a century later. In this book, you will find a comprehensive collection of the evidence and facts that exist, as well as police reports and the many theories about who the Ripper really was. Everything you need to make your mind up is here, about who the killer was, why he chose his victims and why the police never found him. Prepare yourself for a grim look at the streets of London in their darkest days. In this bookazine… Discover the chilling story behind history’s greatest unsolved mystery The scenes – Take a walk through the gloomy alleyways of 19th Century East End London with high-quality illustrations The victims – Get insight into the lives of the women Jack the Ripper chose as his victims The suspects – Make your own mind up about whether any of the prime suspects were, in fact, the Ripper The theories – Delve into the many theories that have emerged around the case Also inside… – A gruesome attack – A killer’s pattern emerges – Frustration & Sensation – Violence comes to a head – The search for Jack the Ripper – The Macnaughten Memorandum – The Whitechapel monster – The Royal Ripper and the Freemasons – Linking DNA to letters – The Ripper’s London today