Avoiding Toxic Thoughts

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Avoiding Toxic Thoughts: How to Step Out of Your Head, Achieve Personal Transformation, and Free Your Mind

Charlie Bowyer / Narrated by Matyas J.
Free your mind from toxic thoughts and learn to live positively, passionately, and most of all, happily. Are you bombarded on a day-to-day basis with thoughts that are worrying, anxious, and downright toxic? Do you often belittle yourself in your mind and tell yourself that you can’t do something? Are you tired of letting negativity control you and want to find a way to cleanse your mind and redirect your thoughts? Every idea and fleeting notion that crosses through your mind has an impact. Every time you tell yourself you can’t, you reinforce that belief. When you assign yourself the victim role, you live it.
If you let the past remain in the present, you’ll doom your future. All of this is only possible when you hold onto toxic thoughts and ideas. Learn to release them, and you’ll create an entirely new mental landscape that is dedicated to helping you thrive.
In this book, you’ll learn not only why you have negative, toxic thoughts but how to get rid of them. You’ll have to confront your past, let go of false truths you’ve been holding on to, ditch the comparisons between your life and others’ lives, and have compassion for yourself. It won’t be quick or easy, but it will change your life
In addition to getting to the core of negativity, you’ll also discover
• Practical exercises for banishing negativity, including positive affirmations, strategic breathing, and shifting your focus
• How to see who you truly are and uncover the potential hiding behind the toxicity
• The lessons your past can teach you and steps to overcome past trauma
• How to create a flexible mind-set that is open to new ideas and experiences
• Why you need to shrug off the victim role and reclaim your power
And so much more!
Maybe, you think you can’t change. Maybe, you’ve lived this long with an unhappy mind-set and don’t think things can get any worse. They might not, but they could get so much better. Let the toxic go. Let the positive in.

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