Best Of Flea Market Home and Living – 2023


Winter isn’t only dedicated to indoor cleanup or decorating, it’s that time of year when people try and brighten up their homes, redecorate with a brighter feel, and maybe hit a few indoor flea markets for some new stuff. What better time to focus on how to upgrade where you live in America’s favorite budget-friendly DIY style. This is not just any issue of Flea Market Home & Living, it’s a Best Of issue showcasing the best ideas homeowners have come to love. Unlike many design aesthetics that have strict interpretations, the Flea Market aesthetic is all about charting your own course. With the right mix of comfort and patina, spaces that feature the classic, romantic, rustic, or even modern feel fit right at home under the category. The style is timeless, and not just because it shirks old in favor of new. It appeals to readers of all ages and income levels: Pulling together a home vintage-piece by vintage-piece is just as accessible to just-starting-out Millennials who are looking to spruce up their first home, as it is for seasoned pickers who have been hunting for decades.


Download : 2023-01-01FleaMarketHomeandLiving.pdf