Beyond Coding: How Children Learn Human Values through Programming

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English | 2022 | 228 pages | True EPUB | 10 MB

Why children should be taught coding not as a technical skill but as a new literacy—a way to express themselves and engage with the world.
Today, schools are introducing STEM education and robotics to children in ever-lower grades. InBeyond Coding, Marina Umaschi Bers lays out a pedagogical roadmap for teaching code that encompasses the cultivation of character along with technical knowledge and skills. Presenting code as a universal language, she shows how children discover new ways of thinking, relating, and behaving through creative coding activities. Today’s children will undoubtedly have the technical knowledge to change the world. But cultivating strength of character, socioeconomic maturity, and a moral compass alongside that knowledge, says Bers, is crucial.
Bers, a leading proponent of teaching computational thinking and coding as early as preschool and kindergarten, presents examples of children and teachers using…



How Children Learn Human Values through Programming