Dark Psychology: Super ADVANCED Techniques to PERSUADE ANYONE, Secretly MANIPULATE People and INFLUENCE Their Behaviour Without Them Noticing (Emotional, Body Language, NLP, Psychology Tricks)

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Do you ever get the sense that there is something sinister lurking behind some of the nicest people you know?

Perhaps you know someone who is popular with everyone else, but you cannot quite understand why you do not seem to like them yourself. This might be your gut instinct kicking in to protect you.

People are not always who they say they are. Some of the most charming people have very unpleasant sides to them that they hide away from prying eyes. This book challenges a lot of opinions you might have formed about people. It causes you to wonder whether the charming boss that you work with is indeed a nice person or just a manipulative one.

By exploring the darker side of psychology, this book will have you wondering about the numerous ways that you are getting manipulated and exploited for other people’s benefit every day.

In this book, we delve into brainwashing and the many ways that you are making yourself vulnerable.

We also look at hypnosis and discuss everything you thought you knew about this age-old form of mind control. Do you find yourself falling for the same old deception trick every time?

After going through an entire chapter on the art of deception, you will be able to quickly pick up the tell-tale signs of deceptive characters, leaving every liar in your life disappointed at their inability to fleece you out of your time, money and emotions.

Fancy yourself a dark personality? Maybe you are one, or maybe you just have more bad days than good ones. How do you know where you stand? By delving into the very elaborate chapters on the dark triad and what it means to score highly on the spectrum of the three malevolent personalities. Even if you find out you are not a textbook psychopath, you will still be able to learn how you can cope if you happen to have one in your life.

Dark Psychology is a book that contains everything that you need to learn that is not taught in school.

After reading this book from cover to cover, you will feel more enlightened and empowered and able to deal with people who are not necessarily nice or kind.

You will feel safe in the comfort that while bad people exist, you can protect yourself against them. You will go to bed knowing that you are not helpless in the face of manipulation; you can turn the tables and get people to give you things and to do things that are beneficial to you. It’s not just facts and statistics though; you also have a chance to read about some of the more malevolent characters to have ever existed in the history of mankind.

So, do yourself a favor; if you have always been feeling as though someone is in control of your life or like a helpless puppet at the mercy of a puppeteer, settle down and get to learning about some of the ways you can get back your control.

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