Daylight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 3)







Published Year:2020

Total Pages: 415

David Baldacci is an American writer who has been writing since his childhood. The start of his writing career is pretty funny. He wrote many books, but one of his famous book is Daylight An Atlee Pine Thriller. He said his mother used to give him a lined notebook, and he kept on writing there.

His mother said I wished to be relaxed for some time that’s why I gave him a notebook to sit quietly. Sounds funny! David wrote many novels till now. He has written books for elders and young readers as well.

He published the first novel of his life in 1996 named Absolute Power. Later on, a film was captured based on the script of the story. Till now, he has published 42 novels for adults and seven for his young readers. Besides this, you can find his books published in 45 languages in 80+ countries.


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