Django for APIs ( 2022 )

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1735467227 | 200 pages | True PDF / EPUB / MOBI | 41.54 MB

Completely updated for Django 4.0 & Django REST Framework 3.13
Django for APIs is a project-based guide to building modern web APIs with Django & Django REST Framework. It is suitable for beginners who have never built an API before as well as professional programmers looking for a fast-paced introduction to Django fundamentals and best practices.

Over the course of 200+ pages you’ll learn how to set up a new project properly, how web APIs work under the hood, and advanced testing and deployment techniques. Three separate projects are built from scratch with progressively more advanced features including a Library API, Todo API, and Blog API. User authentication, permissions, documentation, viewsets, and routers are all covered thoroughly.

Django for APIs is a best-practices guide to building powerful Python-based web APIs with a minimal amount of code.

“If you’re looking for a guide into the world of Django, then the three-step of Django for Beginners , Django for APIs , and Django for Professionals is ideal: get up and running, get into APIs, which are a cornerstone of modern app development, and then add the bits you need to your fledging app into production, from databases and static files, to user accounts and security. It’s a long road. Will’s books are an awesome companion.” —CARLTON GIBSON, Django Fellow and Django REST Framework core contributor
“When readers interested in web development ask me what to read next after Python Crash Course, I refer them to Will’s books: Django for Beginners , Django for APIs , and Django for Professionals . I highly recommend you check out his work.” —ERIC MATTHES, author of Python Crash Course
“Will’s books are a fantastic resource for web development with Django and Python. I highly recommended them.” —JEFF TRIPLETT, Python Software Foundation Director , DEFNA President , and REVSYS Partner

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