Essential Skills in Arabic: From Intermediate to Advanced



By: El Mustapha Lahlali, Radia Kesseiri

How to improve your reading, listening and communication skills in ArabicDo you want to build on your Arabic reading, writing and listening skills? Improve your ability to communicate in this language? This is the book for you. Offering practical sessions and exercises, each module contains a wide range of authentic, contemporary texts so that you can practice your skills as they develop. Moving you from the intermediate to the advanced level of Arabic you will work through sessions on culture and society, the environment, education in the Arab world, global issues, media and communication, the economy, sports, and arts and literature. Each module follows the same structure, covering the essential skills of reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening, translation, writing and speaking.The book includes:A wide variety of drills to help you refine your reading, writing, speaking and listening skillsA key to exercises so you can check your progressA glossary of key Arabic termsAccess to online audio material to accompany the listening drills


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