Geometry for Programmers (MEAP)

English | 2022 | 235 pages | PDF | 16.01 MB

Master the geometry behind CAD, game engines, GIS, and more! This hands-on book teaches you the math behind the tools and libraries you use to create simulations, 3D prints, and other models of the physical world.
In Geometry for Programmers you will learn how to
Speak the language of applied geometry
Compose geometric transformations economically
Craft custom splines for efficient curves and surface generation
Pick and implement the right complex transformations
Confidently use important algorithms that operate on triangle meshes, distance functions, and voxels
Geometry for Programmers guides you through the math behind graphics and modelling tools using relevant examples and clear explanations that don’t require advanced mathematical knowledge. You’ll learn how mastering manual geometry can help you avoid code layering and repetition. You’ll even learn how to drive down cloud hosting costs by creating more efficient application runtimes. Filled with charts, illustrations, and complex equations rendered as simple Python code, this book unlocks geometry in a way you can apply to your daily work


Geometry for Programmers