Getting Started with Visual Studio 2022: Learning and Implementing New Features

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781484289228 | 325 pages | True EPUB | 25 MB

Learn how to use the features of Visual Studio 2022 and utilize the IDE correctly to make it your one-stop solution for creating quality code. Learn what’s new in VS 2022 and explore the existing features of Visual Studio so you can become a more efficient programmer.
This revised edition covers the latest features of Visual Studio 2022 and how to use them. The book includes new topics like Subword Navigation, Multi-caret Editing, how to enable Code Cleanup on Save, using breakpoints, and new debugging features such as temporary breakpoints and dependent breakpoints. The book also looks at some of the new Git features such as Multi-repo Support, Comparing Branches, Checkout Commit, and line Staging.
Getting Started with Visual Studio 2022 begins with an overview of Visual Studio and explores features such as Visual Studio Live Share, Visual Studio Search, Solution Filters, and Intellicode. The author also provides a look at the different Visual Studio project templates and shows you how to create code snippets, as well as how to manage NuGet and nmp packages. You will also see how to create a cross-platform MAUI application as well as how to use SQLite in an MAUI application. Moving ahead, you will learn how to debug your code using breakpoints to step into specific methods, use data tips, and utilize the Debugger Display attribute. You will then move on to learn unit testing and explore the tools provided by Visual Studio to create and run unit tests. The book also covers source control integration in Visual Studio and how to use GitHub to implement a source control strategy for your projects.
What You Will Learn
Create and use code snippets in Visual Studio 2022
Use the new debugging features in Visual Studio
Utilize diagnostic tools and the Immediate window for code debugging
Generate unit tests with IntelliTest
Harness the new Git features in Visual Studio to make managing source code easier
Work with MAUI apps
Who This Book Is For
Beginners and software developers working on the .NET stack.


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