Hacking For Dummies, 7th Edition


English | 2022 | 419 pages | True PDF EPUB | 29.37 MB

Learn to think like a hacker to secure your own systems and data
Your smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer are more important to your life and business than ever before. On top of making your life easier and more productive, they hold sensitive information that should remain private. Luckily for all of us, anyone can learn powerful data privacy and security techniques to keep the bad guys on the outside where they belong.
Hacking For Dummies takes you on an easy-to-follow cybersecurity voyage that will teach you the essentials of vulnerability and penetration testing so that you can find the holes in your network before the bad guys exploit them. You will learn to secure your Wi-Fi networks, lock down your latest Windows 11 installation, understand the security implications of remote work, and much more.
You’ll find out how to:
Stay on top of the latest security weaknesses that could affect your business’s security setup
Use freely available testing tools to “penetration test” your network’s security
Use ongoing security checkups to continually ensure that your data is safe from hackers
Perfect for small business owners, IT and security professionals, and employees who work remotely,Hacking For Dummies is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to keep their data safe.

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