History Of War: Military Heroes Of The 20th Century – 1st Edition, 2022


English | 148 pages | PDF | 186 MB

From the very beginning of time, the world has been marked and defined by conflict and bloodshed. In Legends of the Battlefield we profile some of the greatest figures in military history, from the fearless warriors of the ancient world and medieval conquerors to the early-modern revolutionaries and the 20th century’s most renowned generals. Filled with fascinating insight, in-depth features, battle maps and illustrations, you’ll discover how Alexander the Great built one of the world’s mightiest empires and learn about Gustavus Adolphus’s military innovations. We also discover what happened when two of America’s most respected generals went head-to-head in the Civil War, meet the Russian who helped crush the Nazis and bring World War II to an end, and much more.

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