Hungry Hearts at Lilac Bay


By day, Lyra works in her food truck on the shores of Sydney’s Lilac Bay. By night, she flirts with hunky Miles and dreams of finally getting her singing career off the ground.

When Alex parks his food truck beside hers, Lyra believes he’s intent on running her out of business. She’s determined not to trust him, but there’s one huge problem: she’s wildly attracted to him and he’s turning out to be more interesting than she could have imagined.

A decision that was supposed to open doors for her band accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that could end up costing her everything.

Can she find a way to set things right before she loses her dream man and her dream career?

Join Lyra and her charming group of friends in this upbeat romance about love, friendship and dreaming big.


Download : Hungry_Hearts_at_Lilac_Bay_-_Marie_Taylor-Ford.epub