Knives You Need – Prepper Survival Guide, 2023


Our goal with every issue is to provide practical, actionable information to keep you and your family safe during a crisis. We have gathered some incredible articles from men and women who aren’t just well-versed in their subject matter, but who know how to communicate it so it’s easily understood. One of the most popular topics in recent years has been Faraday cages and how they can protect electronics from electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Dr. Arthur Bradley, perhaps the leading authority on this subject, gives the rundown. For the urban survivalist, we have a great article on how to handle a crisis in a high-rise. Additionally, we have stories
on treating sprains and long-term illness, plus tips on how to shop for surveillance cameras. Here’s the thing, though. It’s up to you do to do something with this information. You need to convert the knowledge into skills. That’s how you’ll get better prepared.


Download : 2023-04-01PrepperSurvivalGuide.pdf