LEARN MICROPYTHON WITH ESP32: Python Programming, Raspberry Pi, Micro-python Modules, Bme280 Environment Sensor And More


English | 2022 | 385 pages | PDF | 68.36 Mb

So some of you might think micro pies and what is this super tiny snake or maybe something to do with Monte Python or so the triple E spectrum realized his ranking of the most used programming languages in 2018.
And it’s very interesting. Python is on the top and it says a 100% coverage shrink. it’s in the web, it’s on your desktop computer and it’s now, already, also used on microcontrollers. And what I find quite interesting is that assembly entered into top. This year, which means probably because of the internet of things that are programmed with assembly.
So micro Piven is a fully reimplementation of Python and it leads to be lean and efficient to run on a microcontroller because you couldn’t be just using Python as you know, from your desktop computer. It needs. it was rewritten from sketch to fit on the microcontroller. It has a virtual machine and a runtime system with garbage collection and everything you need to make it really efficient. There’s bike code or native machine code you can use with. The micropython and is also in support for Atlanta smaller. when you have a project where you like to use Python, because you want to get it up easy, but you need to make it more efficient in some, your tiny bits. There’s also Atlanta San Francisco Portland. The compilation happens on the chip. it’s not compile your program. You write as the compile on your desktop sheen, it’s complete compact on the hardware use. as late as I have this fantastic camera over here, I will show you some demos.