Linux Administration Cookbook: Insightful recipes to work with system administration tasks on Linux (True)

English | 2018 | ISBN: 178934252X | 828 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 82 MB

Over 100 recipes to get up and running with the modern Linux administration ecosystem
Key Features
Understand and implement the core system administration tasks in Linux
Discover tools and techniques to troubleshoot your Linux system
Maintain a healthy system with good security and backup practices
Book Description
Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems among system administrators,and even modern application and server development is heavily reliant on the Linux platform.
The Linux Administration Cookbook is your go-to guide to get started on your Linux journey. It will help you understand what that strange little server is doing in the corner of your office, what the mysterious virtual machine languishing in Azure is crunching through, what that circuit-board-like thing is doing under your office TV, and why the LEDs on it are blinking rapidly.
This book will get you started with administering Linux, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to troubleshoot day-to-day problems, ranging from a Raspberry Pi to a server in Azure, while giving you a good understanding of the fundamentals of how GNU/Linux works.
Through the course of the book, you’ll install and configure a system, while the author regales you with errors and anecdotes from his vast experience as a data center hardware engineer, systems administrator, and DevOps consultant.
By the end of the book, you will have gained practical knowledge of Linux, which will serve as a bedrock for learning Linux administration and aid you in your Linux journey.
What you will learn
Install and manage a Linux server, both locally and in the cloud
Understand how to perform administration across all Linux distros
Work through evolving concepts such as IaaS versus PaaS, containers, and automation
Explore security and configuration best practices
Troubleshoot your system if something goes wrong
Discover and mitigate hardware issues, such as faulty memory and failing drives
Who this book is for
If you are a system engineer or system administrator with basic experience of working with Linux, this book is for you.
Table of Contents
Introduction and Environment Setup
Remote Administration with SSH
Networking and Firewalls
Services and Daemons
Hardware and Disks
Security, Updating and Package Management
Monitoring & Logging
Permissions, SELinux, and AppArmour
Containers, and Virtualisation
Git, Configuration Management, and Infrastructure as Code
Web Servers, Databases, and Mail Servers
Troubleshooting and Workplace Diplomacy
BSDs, Solaris, Windows, IaaS and PaaS, and DevOps

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