Manual of Inpatient Psychiatry 2nd Edición

English | ISBN: 1108461018 | 2020 | 238 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Inpatient units treat some of the most clinically challenging psychiatric patients. Clinicians must carefully balance patients’ rights with safety concerns of violence and suicide. This updated manual is compact and practical, addressing the common questions and issues clinicians face in day-to-day practice. Chapters are organised around the diagnoses found on inpatient psychiatric units, allowing readers to find their area of interest quickly. A user-friendly question and answer format anticipates commonly asked questions, and tables provide easily accessible information, including diagnostic criteria and medication effects. Incorporating advances in the field over the past decade, chapters review new treatments including ketamine use and chronotherapy, as well as the most recent evidence-based approaches for patients with borderline personality disorder. Drawing on the authors’ wealth of experience, their recommendations for best practice as well as treatment philosophies will be valuable for all healthcare professionals working in mental health.

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