Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario


English | ISBN: 1609496841 | 2012 | 128 pages | EPUB | 14 MB

Battles, shipwrecks and abundant adventures await in this volume of maritime tales by local author Susan Gately.
Easternmost of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is bordered by both New York and Ontario. Upon its pristine surface, countless vessels have sailed, but its bottom depths are littered with the skeletons of shipwrecks, including HMS Ontario, caught and destroyed in one of the sudden storms that often turn this sea-like lake deadly. Daring mariners, male and female, have seen their share of peril, and battles during wars between Britain and the United States and Canada have also been waged here. From Huron canoes to today’s “Sunday sailors” who venture from shore only during warmer months, local author Susan Gateley tells some of the lake’s most exciting stories.