Mastering MongoDB 6.x

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1803243864 | 460 pages | True PDF | 30.83 MB

Design and build solutions with the most powerful document database, MongoDB
Key Features
Learn from the experts about every new feature in MongoDB 6 and 5
Develop applications and administer clusters using MongoDB on premise or in the cloud
Explore code-rich case studies showcasing MongoDB’s major features followed by best practices
Book Description
MongoDB is a leading non-relational database. This book covers all the major features of MongoDB including the latest version 6. MongoDB 6.x adds many new features and expands on existing ones such as aggregation, indexing, replication, sharding and MongoDB Atlas tools. Some of the MongoDB Atlas tools that you will master include Atlas dedicated clusters and Serverless, Atlas Search, Charts, Realm Application Services/Sync, Compass, Cloud Manager and Data Lake.
By getting hands-on working with code using realistic use cases, you will master the art of modeling, shaping and querying your data and become the MongoDB oracle for the business. You will focus on broadly used and niche areas such as optimizing queries, configuring large-scale clusters, configuring your cluster for high performance and availability and many more. Later, you will become proficient in auditing, monitoring, and securing your clusters using a structured and organized approach.
By the end of this book, you will have grasped all the practical understanding needed to design, develop, administer and scale MongoDB-based database applications both on premises and on the cloud.
What you will learn
Understand data modeling and schema design, including smart indexing
Master querying data using aggregation
Use distributed transactions, replication and sharding for better results
Administer your database using backups and monitoring tools
Secure your cluster with the best checklists and advice
Master MongoDB Atlas, Search, Charts, Serverless, Realm, Compass, Cloud Manager and other tools offered in the cloud or on premises
Integrate MongoDB with other big data sources
Design and deploy MongoDB in mobile, IoT and serverless environments
Who this book is for
This book is for MongoDB developers and database administrators who want to learn how to model their data using MongoDB in depth, for both greenfield and existing projects. An understanding of MongoDB, shell command skills and basic database design concepts is required to get the most out of this book.
Table of Contents
MongoDB A Database for Modern Web
Schema Design and Data Modelling
MongoDB CRUD operations
Advanced Querying
Multi Document ACID Transactions
Monitoring, Backup and Security
Managing Storage Engines
MongoDB Tooling
Harnessing Big Data with MongoDB
Mastering Replication
Mastering Sharding
Fault Tolerance and High Availability

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