Novikov/Conformal Gearing: Scientific Theory and Practice

English | 2023 | ISBN: 3031100182 | 484 Pages | PDF (True) | 18 MB

This book presents the latest accomplishments in Novikov/conformal gearing as well as high-conformal gearing. It is focused primarily on strength calculation of gear teeth and the manufacturing of gears for Novikov/conformal and high-conformal gearing along with a brief discussion of achievements in the modern theory of gearing. The modern theory of gearing is the foundation of all optimal designs of gears, gear-sets, and transmissions of all known designs, as well as, of all those to be developed in the future. As even a small improvement in efficiency on a single gear can represent a significant cost saving, given the millions of gears used in industry every year, this volume provides the design and manufacturing engineer in invaluable resource.


Download : 3031100182.pdf

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