Plasma Modeling (Second Edition): Methods and applications

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 0750335572 | 725 pages | True PDF EPUB | 107.55 MB

Plasma Modeling: Methods and applications presents and discusses the different approaches that can be adopted for plasma modeling, giving details about theoretical and numerical methods. It describes kinetic models used in plasma investigations, develops the theory of fluid equations and hybrid models, and discusses applications and practical problems across a range of fields. This updated second edition contains over 200 pages of new material, including an extensive new part that discusses methods to calculate data needed in plasma modeling, such as thermodynamic and transport properties, state specific rate coefficients in heavy particle collisions and electron impact cross-sections. This updated research and reference text is an excellent resource to assist and direct students and researchers who want to develop research activity in the field of plasma physics in the choice of the best model for the problem of interest. Part of IOP Series in Plasma Physics.