Rocks and Minerals (DK Eyewitness), New Edition

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Explore volcanic rocks, shiny gemstones, colorful minerals, ancient marble, and fallen meteorites and find out how they all came to be.

From rough rocks to glittering crystals and everything in between, this stunning collection of facts and photos leaves no stone unturned. Did you know that every rock is a combination of one or more minerals? And that marble was first used in ancient Greece but still forms deep underground as you read this? Or that vibrant paints can be made from minerals, while some precious metals can grow in twisting shapes? Almost 20,000 meteorites land on our planet every year, but what does a space rock actually look like? Find out how to spot minerals and fossils, discover how crystals grow, and what you need to start your own collection.

Part of the best-selling Eyewitness series, which is now getting an exciting makeover, this popular title has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorers. New photography makes the rocks and minerals pop, revealing their color and texture, while the text gives all the facts and data to turn budding rock collectors into experts.

Download : Rocks and Minerals (DK Eyewitness), New Edition.pdf