Social Theory Re-Wired

2023 | ISBN: 1032341130 | English | 514 pages | PDF | 9 MB

Series: Sociology Re-Wired

This third edition of Social Theory Re-Wired is a significantly revised edition of this leading text and its unique web learning interactive programs that “allow us to go farther into theory and to build student skills than ever before,” according to many teachers. Vital political and social updates are reflected both in the text and the online supplements. “System updates” to each section offer an expanded set of contemporary theory readings that focus on the impacts of information/digital technologies on each of the text’s five big themes: 1) the Puzzles of Social Order, 2) the Social Consequences of Capitalism, 3) the Darkside of Modernity, 4) Subordinated/Alternative Knowledges, and 5) Self-Identity and Society.

New to this edition

• The “big ideas/questions” thematic structure of the text as well as the connections between classical and contemporary theorists continues to be popular with instructors. This feature is enhanced in the new edition
• An expanded “Podcast Companions” series now pairs at least one podcast to every reading in the book
• Many new updates to the exercise platform allow students to theorize and build theory on their own
• New readings excerpts include such important recent work as: Shoshana Zuboff’s “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” Ruha Benjamin’s “Race After Technology,” David Graeber’s “Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit,” Sherry Turkle’s “Always-On/Always-on-You.”

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