Sound Patterns of Spoken English

This text is a compendium of information about the pronunciation of casual English (English as it is used un-self-consciously in informal situations). It does not depend on prior knowledge of any particular phonological theory, but does require basic knowledge of linguistics.
Sound Patterns of Spoken English is a concise, to-the-point compendium of information about the casual pronunciation of everyday English as compared to formal citation forms. The book examines changes that occur to certain sounds and in certain parts of words and syllables in the casual, unmonitored speech of native English speakers. It outlines major phonological processes found in conversational English; reviews and criticizes attempts to include these processes in phonological theory; and surveys experimental approaches to explaining casual English pronunciation. Among the varieties of English covered are General American and Standard Southern British, but many other accents are mentioned, especially those of mainland Britain. Sound Patterns of Spoken English is of interest to students and scholars in a wide variety of fields, including sociolinguistics, lexicography, rhetoric, language learning and speech sciences, and has an accompanying website – http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/shockey – with examples from different accents.

Download : Sound Patterns of Spoken English.pdf