Suleiman the Magnificent: An Enthralling Guide to the Sultan Who Ruled during the Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire [Audiobook]

English | ISBN: 9798368987798 | 2023 | 3 hours and 18 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 272 MB

Suleiman the Magnificent is regarded as the greatest ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman the Magnificent certainly earned his name. He not only had a huge impact on the history of Turkey and the Middle East but also on the European politics of his day, allying himself with France against the Habsburgs of Spain. He is also known for his life-long love affair with Roxelana, a slave girl who became his wife and, some say, co-ruler of the empire. The exploits of this legendary ruler come to life in this audiobook. Enjoy a thrilling story of a man who changed history and brought the Ottoman Empire to new heights.

Download : Suleiman The Magnificent An Enthralling Guide A.m4b