Teen Patti: The Three-card Brag


English | 51 Pages | Epub | 222 KB

When a headless and limbless human torso is recovered from the backyard of a South Kolkata house, Police Detective Sutanu Deb meticulously gathers shreds of evidence revealing the inglorious past of the victim and the perpetrators. ‘Teen Patti’ is a story about lust, greed, pride, and unrequited love.A colonial-era bungalow at the heart of Bangalore had earned the reputation of a haunted house. An enthusiastic group of Ghostbusters ventured into its premises at midnight to put the rumours to rest. ‘The Tune’ is a chronicle of the misadventure that unsettled the dust on a long-buried past with consequences no one had bargained for.Atindra believed in the saying “out of sight, out mind” till he got the letter from Dhriti, his teenage muse, three years after he had left Siliguri without ever saying goodbye. ‘An Affair to Forget’ is as much about the letter as it is about its bearer.Three stories, each having a triangle at its core, come together in the Amazon Exclusive ‘Teen Patti’.


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