The Death of Innocence: (Detective Tom Blake Book 5)


When controversial journalist Rosalyn French is captured on CCTV stumbling barefoot around a multi-storey car park after her laptop is stolen, Detective Inspector Tom Blake is called in to investigate.

Twenty-four hours later, her apartment is found ransacked and her body discovered floating face down in a canal.
Rosalyn has been secretly meeting with a world-renowned scientist from a powerful pharma company. Were they having an affair – or is something much darker going on?

When the scientist is found dead in his lab with a knife clenched in his hand and Famacoxin kills carved into his desk, DI Blake must ask himself: is this smear of a groundbreaking children’s cancer drug, funded by millions in research dollars, covering up far more sinister deeds?

The trail leads Blake and Interpol agent Olivia Kamberi across Europe to a corrupt Albanian town with Mafia connections. Could they be on the brink of uncovering a WWII atrocity that still affects the lives of the world’s forgotten children today?

Will they be in time to discover a horrifying truth, and protect more innocent children from murder, before the powerful forces they hunt silence them forever?

Set in gritty industrial Stoke and the hauntingly beautiful mountains of southern Albania, this British detective novel is a breathtaking, character-driven murder mystery that will keep you hooked until the final shocking twist.
Perfect for fans of J.D. Kirk, J.M. Dalgliesh, Angela Marsons, Simon McCleave and Mel Sherratt.

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