The Guild Library Edition

English | PDF | Page 320 | Year : 2017 | 1.07 GB

The Guild Library Edition (2017) : Set before the web series begins, these stories follow lonely violinist Cyd Sherman trying to navigate a frustrating personal life as she stumbles on an online MMO called The Game. As she gathers friends in-game, she gains confidence to confront all the problems in her real life. With, ahem, varying results. The Guild is a pioneer among web series, referred to by Rolling Stone as one of the nets best serial shows. Heartwarming and hilarious, this is a comic origin story that brings an award-winning world to life in a unique way that will delight geeks of all ages. Especially gamers. Collects The Guild #1-#3, The Guild: Vork, The Guild: Tink, The Guild: Bladezz, The Guild: Clara, and The Guild: Zaboo. Includes 34 pages of brand new comics-the first new Guild stories Felicia Days written since 2013-drawn by Mike Norton, Francesco Francavilla, and Naomi Franquiz!

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