The handbook of transcultural counselling and psychotherapy

English | ISBN: 0335238491 | 2011 | 408 pages | PDF | 14 MB

“With its diversity throughout including almost 40 authors from different therapeutic modalities, continents and professional fields the book indeed is both an ‘invitation and challenge’ and a means ‘to aid transcultural therapists in conducting their work in a sensitive and informed manner’. It brings to mind a colourful and well stocked market comprising two parts. The first provides nourishing food for practitioners such as contributions to theory, use of interpreters, training, supervision, research and case studies. The second offers an outstanding exploration of the impact of different cultural backgrounds orchestrated by the editor, whose compilation from a UK perspective might be a useful example for other cultural and language areas. The involved reader will be delighted to have this inspiring handbook to hand.”

Download : 0335238491.pdf