Thinking About Drawing: An Introduction to Themes and Concepts


English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1350269433 | 230 pages | True EPUB | 20.52 MB

This accessible book explains the significance of relationships between the body and the mark, visual imitation, drawing and writing and visual storytelling, providing a simple guide to these key ideas. For millennia drawing has been conceived as an exploratory activity, mediating between the vision of the drafter and what they are drawing. Drawing reveals hidden relationships, directs attention, scrutinises the material world and provides plans for further action.
The book unpacks the key ideas that have shaped the rich, complex and foundational activity of drawing. It presents an unexpected, engaging and authoritative range of illustrated examples of drawings made by culturally and historically diverse people for different purposes, with different media, in widely different times and situations.
Educator, author and artist Simon Grennan builds together concepts to create a complete guide to ideas about drawing.