What’s Where in the World: Planet Earth as you’ve never seen it before

What.s.Where.in.the.World docutr.com

English | March 20, 2013 | ISBN: 1409379248 | True PDF | 192 pages | 118 MB

Take an unforgettable tour of the world today without even leaving your living room.
This unique encyclopedia provides the complete picture of planet Earth as you’ve never seen it before, showcased in stunning photography and state-of-the-art maps.
You’ll discover exactly what is happening across the continents in six diverse chapters covering the Earth, the living world, people and planet, engineering and technology, history, and culture. On this endless adventure you’ll climb the tallest buildings, swim the longest rivers, and travel back in time to see ancient wonders in all their glory. You’ll come face to face with the deadliest creatures, dive down to underwater shipwrecks, and take charge of air traffic control.
What’s Where in the World introduces brand new 3D maps to bring each and every page to life in unprecedented detail. This is the perfect reference to bag top marks in a school project, but if you’re keen to set off on a round the world trip, put away your passport and pick up this ebook instead.