Why Does the Stock Market Go Up?: Everything You Should Have Been Taught About Investing In School, But Weren’t


English | April 5th, 2022 | ISBN: 1735066168, ‎1735066176 | 260 pages | True EPUB | 14 MB

Have you ever heard a news reporter say “the Dow rose 300 points today” and had no clue what they meant? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone! Most people are taught nothing about investing or the stock market while they are in school. In Why Does The Stock Market Go Up?, Brian Feroldi demystifies the stock market by explaining what it is and how it works using easy-to-understand terms and simple examples. This book was designed to arm ordinary people with the knowledge that they need to build extraordinary wealth.
Why Does The Stock Market Go Up? is the easy-to-digest book that everyone needs to read. Feroldi breaks down the basic investing concepts so that anyone can understand and take action. The financial services industry has spent decades telling average Joes and Janes that they can’t possibly understand the stock market. Feroldi proves them wrong with his easy-to-understand examples and explanations. You too can understand why the stock market goes up, or down, and how it impacts your financial future. Never before has investing in stocks or bonds seemed so straightforward.

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